We know that a huge part of your events is competition and nothing could be worse and more costly than a mistake. That is why you need TourPro.

automatic competition builder

TourPro has an amazing Performance Order tool built in that will take your routines sort them based on your own preferences and build the competition order while reducing the chance of back-to-back performances with the same performers. Our conflict tools notify you exactly which routines and who in those routines are too close allowing you the ability to move them. TourPro handles numbering all of the routines and will adjust itself with each and every change.

Oh and by the way, all of your reports are already updated!

Once your performance order has been set our Time Frame tools allow you to assign estimated performance times.

tourupload to the rescue

Remember that Music Manager your clients used on registering? Now that your performance order has been created in 3-clicks you now have all of the music automatically downloading to your computer named and numbered based on what is in the database.

That’s 3 Clicks!

Throw that folder into your favorite media player and click play!

  • No more CDs.
  • No more jewel cases.
  • No more iPods and iPads

Imagine having your entire competition on a single flash drive already named and numbered in 3 clicks.  It couldn’t be easier.