take complete control

Double-checking is always important which is why we built the Judge Monitor. This part of TourPro gives your competition auditor a birds eye view of the scoring, can make sure that the judges are within reason, and watch the competition standings in real time.

The judge monitor has the ability to make corrections to routines due to improper categorization or levy deductions and penalties. They can print out overall sheets with just one button for any categories they wish, all while the judges are judging.

Immediately print overall scores by categories, competition scores and studio score summaries with a couple clicks.

This means that by the time the last routine performs, you have all your scores, placements and special awards already ready to go for your awards ceremony!

Don’t trust your judges to follow along. The Judge Monitor can help them along. Click a single button and immediately push your judges all to the same routine.

With this level of control your competitions essentially run themselves.

Monitor everything from a single screen