your judges will love you

Here is where it gets exciting. You use the exact same program you’ve used for registration and building your competition to now run your competition. Connect up additional computers or iPads and enter Judge Mode.

Your judges are presented with a simple to use interface that allows them to go forward and backwards as well as jump around competition easily. Each judge system has its own list of score criteria to fill in (based on your preferences) and the ability to see what the other judges scored if you want.  Other settings allow for the Judges to know when they are being recorded as well as automatically moving them the the appropriate routines.  Your Tabulator is always in control.

Once all the scores are in, the judges see their placement as well as the routines overall placement.  New extended score options and routine photos for your photogenic routines will show up for each Judge to work with.

Judges can add notes to routines that will be passed onto directors and teachers and chat with each other to discuss routines, scores or even special awards.