Real time Accurate Reporting

What is the point of a powerful registration system if your reports, attendee counts and balances aren’t to the second accurate?

With TourPro you take control of ALL your data.  No need to wait for a studio to reply or respond to make simple changes to your events.

See any and all registration modifications as soon as they’re made.  Change a routine from Jazz to Contemporary and every one of our reports dynamically changes in real time.  If you remove a student from an event, TourPro is smart enough to remove them from every routine they’re in and update age division and group size automatically.

Watch your attendee counts accurately change on the fly so you know how many trophies, pins and give aways you need for any given category.  For conventions and workshops, quickly view overall attendee counts for sizing out your rooms and staying within fire codes.

When you receive a new registration and review it, one click allows you to email a beautifully crafted report to that client with complete details on what they entered.  As you update and make changes like performance order, performance date and time or actual participating performers, these documents automatically update themselves.  Click send again and your clients now have the latest details right in their mail box.

Once you’ve reached your event cutoff date let TourPro dynamically generate a variety of different styled reports for:

  • Competition Performance Order
  • Competition Breakdown Summaries
  • Studio Attendee Lists
  • Attendee Labels
  • Studio Labels
  • Studio Transaction and Adjustment Reports
  • Routine Lists and Labels by Studio or Event
  • Attendee Fee Breakdowns
  • Event Financial Reports
  • Event Attendee Breakdowns
  • Event Routine Breakdowns by Type
  • Scholarship Reports and Labels
  • Event Balance Summaries
  • Overall Score Summary
  • Top Category Scores
  • Custom Routine Reports
  • And More…

TourPro is a turnkey solution that allows our clients work entirely in the application with no need to build excel files and word documents. However, if you want to any screens data can be exported to any number of files like CSV, Tab Delimited or Excel for that added level of customization.