TourPro is the heart and soul of our platform. It’s a simple easy to use database application that resides on your Mac or PC computer. Be sure not to confuse easy to use with featureless. TourPro has over 100 reports already built in and is designed for you to create your own queries on the fly or preset putting your data instantly at your finger tips. While we use the internet for many things, TourPro does not require a consistent connection to the internet to function and that makes it incredibly portable and invaluable onsite and on tour.

With our standard TourPro installation, you don’t need a server, one laptop will do! Yet, as you grow TourPro will grow with you. Expand with a workgroup server for  an office with up to 250 users always connected.   The best part is, laptop or server based, you are greeted with the exact same easy to use interface.

seamless integration

We have designed TourPro to be as efficient as possible. When a client registers online through the customized TourPro online registration portal they are greeted with their account. Any past history is immediately available and attendee rosters are retained for quick input and registration. If your clients are returning clients, all they have to do is click a check box and TourPro will automatically add those attendees to your event in seconds.

If you’re running a competition, it’s just as easy. Your clients can build routines in a couple clicks. As attendees are added to routines, TourPro figures out Age Divisions, Group Sizes and fees automatically, all your client needs to know is who is in what dance!

From there, your customers can add additional event options if they are available for each event and with a couple clicks they checkout. With optional credit card processing you can get an email in your inbox and money on its way.

So how do you get that information from the web into your TourPro.


It’s Simple! Just Click Sync.

In a few seconds, TourPro will grab all of that new registration information and you can see everything. Make your own adjustments, click sync, and all of your changes are backed up and the client can see them through their online account.

That isn’t even the best part! TourPro was designed to be a “single point of truth.” If you make an adjustment to a registration, attendee, fee or routine, all of TourPro’s 100+ reports automatically update. This gives you the ability to make last minute changes and always have accurate reports without the need to update anything. Just Click Print!